Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Being born-and-bred Irish (plus a mutt's mix of a few other nationalities), I enjoy celebrating March 17. 

The Brick, whose last name is more Irish than mine ever was (it actually is based on the Gaelic for 'badger'), is more skeptical.

"I'm not Catholic," he insists. "Why shouldn't I wear orange then, instead of green?"

(The color choice does have a lot to do with religion there.)

Why not forget about that for now, dig out your dusty copy of John Wayne's The Quiet Man, and cook up a few Irish specialties for the holiday? We've run a number of traditional favorites already...go back to here and you'll find them, from corned beef to Irish stew, to champ and colcannon.

This year's Irish dishes, then, will be some of the more unusual choices for an Irish feast, focusing, of course, on the country's favorite products, including salmon and (what else) potatoes.

Stop by -- we'll have something new every day.

Wear a celtic cross, and you'll be celebrating St. Patrick's influence, as well.
 This version's courtesy of Wikipedia.

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