Friday, April 20, 2012

Flat-Broke Food: The Grand Finale

By now, you've worked your way through a week's worth of foods that are a triple threat: frugal, easy to make and most of all -- tasty. Need more ideas? You'll find my personal list on the Brickworks blog: A Dozen Frugal Cookbooks You've Never Heard Of (Plus Two You Have). There are many more dishes out there to try, especially in cookbooks that detail other countries' cuisines. Thanks to a Denver restaurant, New Saigon, I've been inspired to fool around with Vietnamese food (lighter, spicier, lots of fresh veggies.). Thai food is also on my culinary horizon, after some preliminary messing around with curries and Thai noodles. Oh, the burden of getting to cook delicious, interesting food! (limp hand to forehead)

Enjoy the journey. We'll be back with more recipes and ideas around May Day, then will present a Week of Barbecue just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Come on back and visit -- or better yet, sign up to 'follow' or subscribe to e-mail, so you don't miss a single, succulent bite.

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